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  • Hijri-Cal (Islamic Calendar)  v.1.2Perpetual Islamic Hijri Calendar & Converter. Displays Islamic/Gregorian dates in a dual calendar. It runs on your desktop TaskBar besides the windows clock. Date Prediction method is based on moon-phase data rather than an algorithm (more accurate).
  • Hijri Calendar program  v.1.2Perpetual Islamic Hijri Calendar and Converter. Displays Islamic/Gregorian dates in a dual calendar, allowing you to keep track of events in both Hijri and Gregorian format. It runs on your desktop TaskBar besides the windows clock. Date Prediction ...
  • DANGLE  v.1.1.1DANGLE: A Bayesian inferential prediction method for protein backbone dihedral angles and secondary structure assignments, solely from sequence information, experimental chemical shifts and a database of known protein structures and their ...
  • Batch JPEG Date Changer  v.1.0Batch JPEG Date Changer is unlike other JPEG Date changer around. It supports changing the creation, modification and EXIF Date and Time by providing option to change just the date and/or time of the photos. Supported is the date maths feature.
  • MaxHitPro  v.9.07.04Lottery software - test 1,000s of systems on YOUR game and see what the Top10 won in the past - play with PROVEN systems - Lotto, Daily, Keno, Sport, Wheels, Pools, Games and Free.
  • Clothing Store Invoice Template  v.1.10Free invoice template / invoice form for small clothing store or shop ...
  • Shopping Cart Web Part  v.2.1ArtfulBits Shopping Cart is intended to provided ecommerce functionality. This web part provides a possibility to exhibit items for sale, its basic information, items images, and price, chose the size or other category of item.
  • Trade Method  v.1Trade Method 1 is regarded as a highly-efficient, high-quality stock trade strategy back-testing, searching, and charting platform. Trade Method's artificial intelligence capabilities are result of years of dedicated research and development in ...
  • Java Date Picker  v.4.0Java Date Picker is a suite of date components for Swing, highly appreciated by Java developers for its richness of features, configurability and well crafted API. It contains an editable date picker, a date/time field, a multiple month calendar.
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